First Step: Credit Score & Report

Each client presents their Credit Report from either MyFico or AnnualCreditreport. Once the report is obtained, the client will then send over the report via email or login credentials. Depending on which source the client uses to obtain their report, there may be an additional cost outside SPCC.

Second Step: Phone Consultation

Each client will have a scheduled the time to do a start on file call. During the Start On File, a FICO trained credit professional, will go over the  report and score with the client and explain to them what exactly is needed to increase their credit score. At this time, the client will be able to ask questions, comments or concerns. Depending on the package the client has purchased, the consultation will also become a follow up depending on the set package time frame. This will be discussed in detailed during your enrollment process. Give us a call at 877.205.7771. 

Third Step: Written Step-By-Step Success Plan

Each client, depending on the purchased package, will receive a written Step-By-Step, Tailored Success Plan that will show them how to increase their current credit score. Each client will have a completely different credit report and score and because of this, each client will have a certain way to go about taking care of items listed on the reports. This is what makes our company different from the rest! Our Success Plans never fail and those who follow the instructions listed, will be greatly rewarded with a higher credit score!

Fourth Step: Follow Up Phone Consultation

Each client, depending on the purchased package, will receive a Follow Up Phone Consultation to go over and review the Success Plan made. At this point, there should be an increase in the clients’ score as long as they followed the Success Plan. Questions, comment, or concerns will be addressed at this point and another Success Plan, if included in the purchased package, will be created and the next Follow Up Consultation will be scheduled.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Payment Due Upfront Before I Can Schedule A Consultation?

Answer: Yes. The Credit Repair Organizations Act (1996) does not allow Credit Repair Companies to charge upfront. We ARE NOT a Credit Repair Company. We simply consult with our clients and explain to them what steps to take to increase their Credit Score on their own.

2. How Do I Get My Credit Reports To Your Company?

Answer: Simply save them as a PDF file and then email them to or you can also give us your login credentials to your Credit Report Online Account.

For further questions, please call: 877.205.7771 or schedule a free info call on​