Credit Audit




  • A credit consultant will review your credit report in-depth over the phone. 
  • Discuss your credit goals
  • Discuss items hurting your credit score
  • Let you know if you’re on the wrong/right path and how our paid services can help. 

A payment of $15 will reserve your over the phone credit audit with an 850 Club Credit Consultant. After payment, you will be directed to a private calendar to schedule your phone appointment. Once you get to the calendar, select a day and time then SCROLL to the bottom of the page to enter your name and email address. This step is IMPORTANT to secure your credit audit.  If you have any questions related to this process, please email us at

Please note: A credit audit provides you with an effective way to have a “Credit Check-up” with a trained consultant. However, this check-up is not a full service consultation. Please request to learn more about our paid full consultation plans when speaking to a representative.  The $15 is a non-refundable audit fee.