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850 Club Credit Consultation provides a suite of products and services to help improve your credit score and report. We do our best to bring the most affordable credit repair services to our clients. Our services will always be affordable but mostly results oriented. If you are not sure which service is best for you and your credit situation, please contact us at 877.205.7771 or

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Master Your Credit Blueprint - DIY Credit Repair Course

Master Your Credit Blueprint – DIY Credit Repair Course

$450.00 $250.00

*** Special Pricing Expiring Soon ***

For only $97.00, you will get the Master Your Credit Bundle! A $450.00 Value.

FICO Certified Credit Specialist, Calvin Russell Jr, shares his tell-all secrets of how he boosted his personal credit score over 100 points plus, how he has helped thousands of clients improve their score, in a 5 series, step by step video tutorial. 


  • Itemized Credit Report Dispute List & Letter Example
  • Master Your Credit Checklist with Free Resources
  • How to properly read your credit report. Items that should be removed and items that should stay.
  • Downloadable action steps, worksheets and templates to kick-start your credit into gear.
  • Credit Goals Monthly Planner
  • Monthly Budget Template
  • How to rebuild after bad credit, re-establish and maintain great credit. Plus, tools to get started right away.
  • Correct false myths concerning disputes, inquiries and limitations on your credit report.
  • The best credit cards to use to build credit and when to apply.
  • How to lower your car payment and when.
  • Credit debt summary tracker.
  • Home buying guide: when to purchase, what mortgage lenders are looking for and how to determine your debt to income ratio.
  • Plus, much more!
YouTube MasterClass

YouTube Master Class

$150.00 $97.00


Complete Payment, Below:
YouTube MasterClass

If you’re ready to add #YouTubeMoney as an extra stream of income to your lifestyle, I’ll show you how.
If you’re ready to generate more leads/clients for your business using YouTube then this webinar is right for you!
We’ll dive into:

  • How I Went From 400 to 10,500 Subscribers In 1 Year
  • How I Monetize Every Video Using Affiliates & Cards
  • My No. 1 Online Tool To Find The Most Loyal Viewers
  • Turning Viewers/Subscribers Into Paid Clients
Couples Consultation payment plan

Individual Consultation – Payment Plan

$75.00 / month for 6 months and a $75.00 sign-up fee

Client Pays A One Time $150.00 Start Up Free To Get Started & $75.00 A Month For 5 Months. Ready to get started but have a few questions? No Worries! Call Us At 877.205.7771 Today!


-Increase Your Credit Score With A Certified Credit Professional

-Improve Your Credit Report With A Certified Credit Professional

-Get You Ready To Purchase A Home Or Car

-One-On-One Live Phone Consultations

-Three Bureau Credit Score Review

-Add Accounts To Improve Your Score

-Dispute Accounts To Get Items Removed

-Unlimited 24 Hour Response Q&A Emails/Texts

dispute letter package 850 club

The Ultimate Dispute Letter Package

$55.00 $30.00
  • Certified FICO Professional, Calvin O’Neal Russell Jr has prepared over 75+ dispute letters to help improve your credit score and report. Instant Download After Purchase! The Ultimate Dispute Letter Package Includes A Bonus Master Your Credit Worksheets. Here’s What You Will Receive: 
    • 75 Custom Dispute Letters
    • Labeled By Each Round To Send Them
    •  Itemized Credit Report Dispute List & Letter Example
    • Master Your Credit Checklist with Free Resources
    • Credit Goals Monthly Planner
    •  Credit Debt Summary Tracker
    • Your Credit Success Tracker

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