850 CLUB credit consultation

Thank You for choosing 850 Club Credit Consultation to consult you in improving your credit score and report. As a part of our agreement to conduct with business with all consumers nationwide, we want to make sure that we go over a few fair business practices and Power Of Attorney Agreement.

Verbal/Written Agreement

Date That Services Will Be Completed: 6 Months (Immediate Disputes If Needed)

Date That Dispute Services Will Be Completed: 24-48 Hours from dispute request received. Email PDF or screenshot(s) will be sent to client when completed.

Date That Game Plan Will Be Delivered: 24-48 Hours from the end of the prior phone consultation. It will be delivered via email only.

Before Conduction Of Business

  • Access to Credit Reports should be sent via text or email preferably 1-2 hours before the phone consultation begins. This makes the phone consultation seamless as it gives us time to review the report and give a better game plan over the phone.
  • The Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) has put a law into place which keeps Credit Repair Companies from the following:
    • Advanced Payment: No credit repair organization may charge or receive any money or other valuable consideration for the performance of any service which the credit repair organization has agreed to perform for any consumer before such service is fully performed. 850 Club is not a credit repair organization. We are Certified FICO Professionals who simply consult clients on the steps that they themselves can take to improve their credit score and reports. We speed up the process by disputing on their behalf with Power Of Attorney permission only, staying up to date on faster ways to improve the credit score, and educating our clients on what to actually do with their credit score once it begins to increase. We act the same as any other business that provides a service that consumers can complete themselves but decide not to because of lack of knowledge or preparation. We guide our clients in the right direction by providing each client with an itemized game plan tailored to fit their credit score needs.
  • In reference to the statement above, services will not be scheduled or performed until payment is made before the consultation begins as any other business is normally performed and executed.

Notice of Cancellation

You may cancel this contract, without any penalty or obligation, at any time before midnight of the 3rd day which begins after the date the contract is signed by you. To cancel this contract, email a signed, dated copy of this cancellation notice, or any other written notice to 850 Club Credit Consultation at info@the850club.com before midnight.

Refund Policy

A refund can only be issued if the client follows the “Notice of Cancellation” rules. If the rules have not been followed, a refund WILL NOT be issued.

Non-Payment Automatic Consultation Cancellation

If the client does not make the scheduled payment plan amount within in a 15-day extended wait time period from the payment date, consultation will null and void.